Wood pellet boilers

Wood pellet boilers
Wood pellet boilers

System Description

Boiler constructively consists of combustion chamber with partitions and tubular heat exchanger. Beyond the heat exchanger, the flue gas goes into exchanger to chimney. There is a wood pellet burner built into the boiler body.

Advantages of Gorenje pellet boilers

  • Hermetically sealed fireplace,
  • European quality
  • Highly efficient system
  • Silent operation
  • User-friendly controller

benefits of Gorenje pellet boilers




BioLogic logoGorenje BioLogic Technology offer best solution for high efficiency burning pellets. This technology is technology of the future.

Why it is so good?

Boiler have an ingeligent regulation of burning and solve automatic adjustment quality of pellets.

The BioLogic control system detects:


Gorenje BioLogic technology

Thanks to constant automatic regulation, no anomalies can occur, so the operation and efficiency rate of the fuel are always optional. The state-of-the-art technology enables very efficient combustion with the highest utilization rates and lowest emissions into the atmosphere.

Classical controling devices operate with fixed parameters, while the BioLogic system automatically regulates the parameters and ensures optimal performance. This means that when the conditons such as quality and calorific value of pellets change or ghe draft of the chimney changes due to pressure fluctuations, the efficiency rates do not drop.

BioLogic allows adaptations, while in the classical controling devices the efficiency rate can drop by over 10%.

The BioLogic controlling system ensures the detection of input air for combustion, detection of air density, detection of chimney draft, detection of pellet quality with regard to the calorific value, humidity and lenght, detection of theat transfer from flue gases to water in the heating device and detection of the burner operation.

Thanks to constat automatic regulation, no anomalles can occur, so the operation and fuel efficiency are always optimal.

Comparison of burning

This graphic demonstrates the consumption and savings with the help of BioLogic technology compared to the fixed parameter technology (FPT).

save money Gorenje BioLogic

You save 2100 Eur!!!

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