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about history

Company founder of UNIVENTA Company Mr. Balent was one of he first, which are seling floor heating at Slovakia. He was also the bearer of thought “use new heating solutions on our market” and regarding this, he build a business  under the brand UNIVERSA Company like a franchise.

But customers need more – more about services, more interesting products and solutions, which he can not offer to them under the franchise brand. He started a business by own and to establish a new company and new brand: UNIVENTA – New dimension of thermal comfort.

Regarding his a new ideas of innovations, he also started produce of components of heating systems by own – to build factory and buy CNC technology machines.

Who we are now?

The idea of “New dimension of thermal comfort” is still living, more then 30 years, because knowledge, customer supports and research drive the business to meet customer expectations and making a high quality products.


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